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Cox Chiropractic in Algonquin, IL

A Safe, Gentle Technique to Improve Pain, Range of Motion and More!

One of the most effective and versatile chiropractic treatments we provide at Algonquin Chiropractic Center is the Cox Technic, also known as flexion distraction. Cox Chiropractic treatments are well-researched, non-surgical, drug-free and have been proven helpful in treating conditions including low back pain with or without leg pain and neck pain with or without arm pain.

For many conditions such as sciatica and stenosis, the Cox Technic has a higher success rate, longer-lasting relief, lower cost, and lower chance of complications than competing treatment methods, including surgery, steroid injections, drugs and physical therapy.

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What Is the Cox Technic?

The Cox Technic is a gentle adjustment procedure based on principles of both chiropractic and osteopathy. Dr. James M. Cox developed it about fifty years ago as a natural healing alternative to surgery. It often provides fast relief and is one of the most effective and well-researched techniques used in chiropractic care.

Your spinal vertebrae are separated by discs that consist of a fibrous exterior and a soft gel-like interior. If the disc “slips” or herniates, the inner material can push through a tear in the rigid exterior, which is made of cartilage like the cartilage in your knee. This can cause lower back pain, narrow the spinal canal and compress the spinal nerve. This may result in pain going down the buttocks and into the leg, referred to as sciatica.

Cox Chiropractic care relieves these painful conditions by gently and painlessly decompressing and relieving pressure on the spine, discs and nerves. This decompresses spinal nerves and drops intradiscal pressure. The result is realignment and restoration of motion in the spine and reduced associated back, neck, arm and leg pain.

How Cox Chiropractic Care Works

At Algonquin Chiropractic Center, we follow a simple, proven process to diagnose and gently heal your musculoskeletal pain, stiffness and other issues. When you choose us for your Cox Chiropractic care needs, you can expect the following:

1. Detailed Consultation

Our first step is always a detailed consultation and thorough examination. Dr. Galante will listen to your concerns and review any medical paperwork or history you’ve brought. Then, he’ll perform a series of noninvasive tests to get to the root of your problem, which may include x-rays (for non-pregnant patients only).

2. Personalized Treatment Plan

Based on his findings during your consultation and examination, Dr. Galante will create a personalized treatment plan for you. The program will be developed to reduce pain, increase mobility and address any other issues you’re experiencing. Dr. Galante may recommend other holistic treatments alongside the Cox Technic.

3. Gentle Adjustments

Once your treatment plan is set, you’ll begin receiving gentle adjustments using the Cox Technic – potentially alongside other holistic treatment modalities, as recommended by Dr. Galante. As you progress through treatment, adjustments in your personalized plan may be made to best accommodate your needs.

The Benefits of Using the Cox Chiropractic Technic

The Cox Technic is among the most widely used treatment modalities in chiropractic care, with 67% of chiropractors reporting practicing it and 25% of patients receiving it. Despite a high usage percentage, only 2-4% of chiropractors are certified in the Cox Technic. Dr. Galante is one of the only chiropractors in Illinois to become certified to perform Cox Chiropractic treatments on all three major areas of the spine – the lumbar, cervical and thoracic. Dr. Galante has hundreds of hours in study with Dr. James M. Cox, the inventor of the Cox Technic.

You can expect many benefits when you receive gentle adjustments from a certified Cox chiropractor. Foremost among these are:

Pain Relief

Cox Chiropractic care is one of the most efficient pain relief methods available. You should notice improvements in your pain fairly quickly and our goal is a 50% improvement in the first four weeks.

Improved Motion

A full range of motion is essential to performing daily tasks and activities. The Cox Technic can help improve this gently and painlessly, with zero potential complications.

Better Sleep

A woman sleeps soundly in bed

Deep, restful sleep is critical to healing your body and performing at your best. You’ll sleep better after your Cox Technic appointments so that you can be your best self.

Increased Energy

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The Cox Technic gently aligns the spine to its natural position, reducing nerve pressure and enhancing the body’s overall performance. Among other benefits, patients experience increased energy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cox Chiropractic Care

Which conditions can the Cox Chiropractic Technic treat?

The Cox Technic can treat various musculoskeletal conditions, including back, leg, neck or arm pain. It’s beneficial for headaches, whiplash and muscle strains or sprains. Other conditions that may benefit from treatment in our Cox Chiropractic clinic include injuries from work or car accidents, disc herniation, fibromyalgia, stenosis, scoliosis and sciatica.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, however. If you believe your condition would benefit from gentle adjustments using the Cox Technic, we encourage you to schedule a consultation.

Are there any studies proving the efficacy of this type of chiropractic care?

The Cox Technic is one of the most well-researched techniques in chiropractic care. Federally funded research has proven that the treatment successfully reduces intradiscal pressure, increases intervertebral disc height and increases intervertebral foramen size by 28%.

One review of 1000 case studies showed 47% of patients rating the results of the treatment as “Excellent” and 24% as either “Very Good” or “Good.”

For many conditions, such as sciatica and stenosis, the Cox Technic has been shown to provide a higher success rate, longer-lasting relief, lower cost and lower chance of complications compared to competing methods of treatment, including surgery, steroid injections, drugs and physical therapy.

How often do you get a chiropractic adjustment with Cox Technic?

How often you’ll receive adjustments with the Cox Technic will depend on your personalized treatment plan. Generally, you’ll meet with our chiropractor more often at the beginning of your treatment and slowly visit less as time passes. For example, you may begin by seeing Dr. Galante three or four times weekly and gradually decrease to biweekly maintenance visits after several weeks or months.

Of course, everyone’s plan is different. The best way to understand how often you’ll need an appointment is to speak with our chiropractor about your needs.

Are adjustments with the Cox Technic Painful?

There may be some minor discomfort when decompressing the spine or making spinal adjustments. But this process shouldn’t be painful, and we’ll always make every effort to ensure your comfort during appointments. Please let us know if you experience pain during your treatments so we can adjust our plan to accommodate your needs. Studies show that less than 1% of people get worse after treatment with the Cox Technic.

How long until I start seeing results?

For most patients, our initial goal is a 50% improvement in their pain and other symptoms within three to six weeks of regular Cox Chiropractic care. However, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different. As a result, you may see results faster or slower than the average person.

Algonquin Chiropractic Center is Certified in the Cox Technic!

Are you suffering from back, neck, arm or leg pain? Do you have questions about the Cox Technic or chiropractic care in general? Call Algonquin Chiropractic Center to speak with a certified Cox Chiropractic practitioner and schedule your consultation today! We look forward to hearing from you.