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  • What’s Spinal Stenosis and How Do We Treat It?

    Spinal Stenosis- What Is It and How Is It Treated? Here at the Algonquin Chiropractic Center, many of our patients come in with back pain. This pain can lead from a variety of causes, but one common source is spinal stenosis. So, let’s discuss this condition, what causes it, and how it’s [...]

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    A Chiropractor Will Trust You About Your Chronic Pain

    Other Doctors May Not Believe You, but a Chiropractor Knows the Truth About Chronic Pain Millions of people in the United States live with chronic pain, especially low back pain. Some medical doctors seem like they don’t believe your pain is as bad as you say, and belittle your experiences. As a [...]

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    Is the Sun Being Bad for You Actually Just a Myth?

    Research Suggests the Benefits Outweigh the Risks “Avoid the sun, it will give you skin cancer, use lots of sunscreen, wear protective clothing and hats...” It goes on and on, we’ve all heard these statements. Yet, have you ever heard this statement: Sun Avoidance Promotes Early Death I [...]

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    Chiropractic Care: Let's Review Just the Facts

    People Have a Lot to Say About Chiropractic—Here Are the Facts Whether they’ve tried chiropractic care or not, everyone seems to have an opinion on the practice. What’s the truth? What is Chiropractic? Let’s review a few facts about chiropractic from the American Chiropractic Association:[...]

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    Medical Journals Finally Say Chiropractic Helps Lower Back Pain

    The Medical Establishment Finally Admits Chiropractic Improves Patients’ Lower Back Pain and More! There have been dozens of studies over the last 20+ years showing how effective chiropractic care is for the treatment of neck pain, lower back pain, headaches, sciatica and more. Chiropractic care [...]

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    AMA Study Concludes Chiropractic Works for Low Back Pain

    The American Medical Association Finally Says It: Chiropractic Is Effective for Low Back Pain! Knowing something is true, believing in it, and having hard evidence are very different things. Chiropractors have practiced the art and science of chiropractic care to treat low back pain and other [...]

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