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Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Algonquin, IL

Safely Repair and Strengthen Soft Tissue, Muscle and Nerves

Physical therapy (PT) is a branch of rehabilitative health that uses specific rehabilitative exercises and equipment to help people regain physical function and improve posture. PT promotes overall health, fitness and quality of life. Most Algonquin Chiropractic Center patients undergo some form of it as part of their customized treatment plan.

A PT program may be the right option if you’re in pain, have poor posture, or suffer from inflammation and poor balance. These treatment plans can also help restore strength, increase endurance, stabilize the spine, and improve overall function. Contact us today to schedule a consultation if you think this type of program is right for you.

Electrical muscle stimulation machine

What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

Electrical muscle stimulation is also sometimes called E-stim therapy or EMS. This therapy sends small electrical impulses through the skin to stimulate the local soft tissue, muscles and nerves. These non-harmful impulses decrease inflammation and promote healing in the damaged soft tissues. EMS is particularly useful for tissue that has become weak and atrophied.

The ability of electrical muscle stimulation to repair and rebuild muscles has been well documented. For example, one study found that using EMS in healthy, non-athletic individuals promoted slightly greater muscle mass and better muscle contraction than exercise alone.  Another study by the Arthritis Foundation found that EMS can reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis.

At Algonquin Chiropractic Center, you will likely use electrical muscle stimulation alongside other holistic treatment modalities like chiropractic adjustments or physical therapy.

How Electrical Stimulation Works

At Algonquin Chiropractic Center, we want to make your experience as stress-free as possible. That’s why we follow a simple, proven process to diagnose and treat your pain, muscle weakness and other issues. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your EMS needs:

1. Detailed Consultation

At your first appointment, Dr. Galante will sit down to discuss your pain, muscle weakness and other worrying symptoms. He’ll also take your medical history and perform a series of non-invasive tests, which may include X-rays.

2. Personal Treatment Plan

Based on his findings during your initial appointment, Dr. Galante will create a personalized treatment plan to address your concerns. This individual plan may include additional holistic treatments alongside EMS therapy.

3. Safe EMS Sessions

You’ll receive electrical muscle stimulation to repair and strengthen damaged tissues, muscles and nerves. We’ll adjust the original plan as your healing progresses, so you can get back to your active, healthy, pain-free lifestyle.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Benefits

Electrical muscle stimulation provides many benefits that significantly improve your quality of life. A few of the most significant benefits you can expect to receive include:

Strengthen Muscles

Physically fit man running

The small electrical impulses sent through the skin cause involuntary contractions of the muscles, which strengthen them.

Pain Management

Woman raises her arms on the beach

EMS has been shown to significantly reduce (or even eliminate) pain caused by muscle spasms and nerve damage.

Reduce Spasms

EMS patches on the skin

Muscle spasms can be annoying or outright debilitating, but electrical muscle stimulation can limit or get rid of them.

Repair Damage

Man holds his knee after working out

EMS can repair damaged soft tissue, muscles and nerves to help you get back to your healthy, active lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a muscle stimulator machine hurt?

When undergoing EMS, you may feel a tingling sensation that may cause the muscles to twitch. However, it shouldn’t be painful. Please let us know if you experience pain at any time during your electrical muscle stimulation treatment. We want you to be comfortable at all times during your appointment.

Are there times when EMS isn’t appropriate or safe?

Generally, EMS is safe when used under the supervision of a licensed professional. However, additional precautions must be taken if you use a transdermal drug patch. The treatment may also not be appropriate for pregnant patients, those with epilepsy or those with an implanted pacemaker. Be sure to inform Dr. Galante if any of these situations apply to you.

Will electrical muscle stimulation for back pain really work?

Yes. Multiple studies have shown that EMS helps reduce back pain. However, keep in mind that every person will have different levels of improvement over varying periods.

Why shouldn’t I use an over-the-counter TENS machine at home?

The TENS machines you can purchase in some major drug stores and retail outlets aren’t as powerful as those used in a holistic provider’s office. Therefore, the treatment will be less effective. It’s also recommended that you only undergo electrical muscle stimulation under the supervision of a professional.

How frequently should I receive electrical muscle stimulation?

How often you should receive EMS therapy will depend on your individualized treatment plan. Dr. Galante will determine the frequency of appointments based on numerous factors, which he can explain to you during your consultation.

Think You Could Benefit from Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

Dr. Galante has provided chiropractic services and other holistic treatment modalities to the Algonquin area for over 20 years. If you suffer from weakened, injured or atrophied muscles, nerves and soft tissue, EMS therapy at Algonquin Chiropractic Center can help. Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you live an active, pain-free life.