• Nutrition

  • Although most of us are aware of the importance of good nutrition and a balanced diet when it comes to overall health, many people do not realize the important role nutrition plays in spine health, which includes preventing many problems and healing from injuries. What you eat has an impact on your spine health. Eating foods that reduce inflammation can help you feel better, sooner.

    Most pain comes from inflammation. A dietary change can be an important part to managing this pain and inflammation. This involves decreasing the intake of foods that have pro-inflammatory ingredients and increasing foods that have anti-inflammatory ingredients.

    Here are some foods you should stay away from:
    •    Artificial Sweeteners
    •    Foods with added sugars
    •    Fried foods
    •    Grains
    •    Highly processed foods
    •    Sugary drinks and snacks
    •    White bread, rice and pasta

    Some foods and nutrients can change metabolic processes that maintain inflammation. You should not expect immediate results, but these foods do have positive results if used over a consistent period of time. Here are some things to include in your diet:

    Healthy Foods like Fruits Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds, Protein sources such as chicken, turkey, beef, and fish
    Essential Fatty Acids
    assist the body to make chemicals that help control inflammation. Foods that have EFAs are flax seeds, oily fish, nuts, broccoli, spinach, and sunflower seeds.
    Vitamins and minerals can possess anti-inflammatory properties and can be helpful to fill in the gaps that your current diet doesn't provide. Specific recommendations are made on an individual basis.
    Antioxidants are organic compounds that stop free radical activity and are found in food such as bright colored vegetables. Antioxidants are also found in drinks such as green tea.