• Cox Technique

  • The Cox Technic is a gentle adjustment procedure that is based on principles of both chiropractic and osteopathy. The technique was developed by Dr. James M. Cox, about fifty years ago, as a natural healing alternative to surgery. It often provides fast relief from low back and leg pain and is one of the most effective and well-researched techniques used in chiropractic care. It has been proven by a number of trials and studies and upholds the scientific standard. This technique is used by 60% of chiropractic physicians in the United States. Out of 1000 patients, 91% found relief after being treated with The Cox Technique.

    The Cox Technique is utilized to treat conditions such as:
    •    Back, leg, neck, and arm pain
    •    Disc herniation
    •    Slipped disc
    •    Stenosis
    •    Sciatica
    •    Sacro-iliac Syndrome
    •    Facet Syndrome
    •    Sprain or Strain Injuries
    •    Tension and Migraine Headaches

    The goal of the Cox Technic is to decompress spinal discs and nerves while applying gentle stretching to the spine. Treatment is both gentle and painless.

    Treatment with this technique has resulted in:
    •    Significant pain relief
    •    Decreased pressure on spinal discs
    •    Relief of pressure on discs
    •    Improvement in range of motion in the neck and lower back
    •    Improved sleep
    •    Improved energy
    •    Decreased pressure on spinal nerves
    •    Improved circulation

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