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Metabolism Boosting Tips from an Algonquin IL Chiropractor

By: Anthony Galante

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We are sharing this information with you to keep you informed, improve your health and well-being and help you understand critical health care information and how it impacts your health and your wallet. So what are the implications?

A recent article in Time makes some excellent metabolism-boosting suggestions, and we will take a look at several metabolism boosting tips.

Chronic Inflammation
Chronic or silent low-level inflammation can stall your metabolism, which may result from food sensitivities, poor sleep, stress, and other lifestyle factors, especially our diets. The foods most likely to be pro-inflammatory are junk foods and highly processed foods, grains, foods high in sugar (especially fructose), and GMOs. Refer to www.deflame.com for a simple, easy to follow anti-inflammatory diet plan.

Whey Protein
According to Paul Arciero, a professor in the Health and Exercise Sciences Department at Skidmore College:
“Whey protein increases calorie burn and fat utilization, helps the body maintain muscle, and triggers the brain to feel full.”
When consumed shortly after a workout,(within 30-45 minutes) especially strength training, whey protein has been shown to exhibit significant thermogenic (meaning to increase metabolism, heat and fat burning) and muscle building effects. Other thermogenic foods include spices like black or red hot peppers, green tea, coconut oil, protein-rich foods and ginger.

Dysbiosis is the altered balance of healthy microorganisms in your gut, you may have heard of probiotics.
Research suggests there’s a connection between certain types of bacteria and body fat. Bacterial imbalance in your gut can produce an exaggerated inflammatory response, and toxic molecules produced by pathogenic bacteria may play a role in the development of chronic disease.
Consuming fermented foods can help restore balance to your gut flora, which is necessary for optimal metabolic function and body composition, as well as taking a high quality probiotic supplement with the proper strains of organism with the proper dose as well as good stability.

Green Tea
Green tea is arguably one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. Green tea has been shown to benefit your brain and heart, boost metabolism, and has anti-cancer properties.
According to research in Physiology & Behavior:
“Positive effects on body-weight management have been shown using green tea mixtures. A green tea-caffeine mixture improves weight maintenance through thermogenesis, fat oxidation, and sparing fat free mass… Taken together, these functional ingredients have the potential to produce significant effects on metabolic targets such as thermogenesis and fat oxidation.”

ExerciseMetabolism Boosting Tips from an Algonquin IL Chiropractor by Algonquin Chiropractic Center
Strength training (aka resistance training or weight training) is an excellent way to achieve increases in metabolism. Working your muscles is the key to firing up your metabolism—muscle contraction is the booster rocket of fat loss.
Cardiovascular training in the form of High Intensity Training will accelerate fat burning. During your cardio routine perform 3-7 sets of high intensity work (as fast as you can go) for 30-60 seconds, then fully recover and repeat.

Prolonged Sitting
Prolonged sitting will kill your metabolism. Stand or walk for at least 5-10 minutes per hour.

Other strategies
Other strategies for jump starting your metabolism include intermittent fasting, intermittent movement, and super-slow weight training.

These will Slow Your Metabolism
Eating refined carbohydrates, sugar, fatty foods (fried and processed foods, include healthy oils such as coconut, olive and flax oil in your diet), artificial sweetners, foods high in pesticides (buy organic or thouroughly wash produce), excessive alcohol, sedentary lifestyle and tobacco.

Diabetes follows “metabolic syndrome” which follows a slow metabolism, increasing your metabolism may prevent diabetes and numerous other chronic diseases that are rampant in our society.

If you do what everyone else does you will get what everyone else gets.

Be Well.

If you still feel that you are struggling in creating a healthy living plan, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Galante has powerful programs that will teach you the specific steps that will help you to become and stay healthier.

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