• The Sciatica Survival Guide

  • Dr. Galante is a true pain reliever. He understands the human body and treats it with precision. I enjoyed his program from start to finish. Thank you for everything Dr. Galante!

    Micheal Warren

  • I can't say enough about Dr. Galante. I had severe back & neck pain, I went through his program and I am doing GREAT! Best of all, no surgery! I truly feel he has saved my life!

    Peggy Herwig

  • LEARN Several of the Key Elements to Consider with Sciatica

  • I wrote this book for people like you! People looking for answers. People who want to improve the quality of their lives and don't want to be told things like '...it's your age...', or 'it's in your head'.

    You want REAL answers. The Sciatica Survival Guide will get you those answers!

    I sincerely hope the information on sciatic exercises, and sciatic pain, you are about to get will help you improve the quality of your life. Be well!

    Dr. Galante

  • This FREE GUIDE is your First Step to a Pain-Free Lifestyle

  • ¬†Many non-chiropractic health care professionals recognize the value of chiropractic back pain treatment. In the Journal of the American Medical Association article published in 2013, the authors suggested chiropractic for back pain. Surgery was mentioned as an option¬†only if all else fails.

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