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An Effective Workman’s Comp Chiropractor for Lasting Relief

When you get hurt at work, you have two options: become a chronic pain patient or find lasting relief. Obviously, most people will choose the second option because nobody wants to spend their days in pain, which keeps them from thriving and enjoying their life. The key to lasting relief? Finding a reputable, effective workman’s comp chiropractor.

At Algonquin Chiropractic Center, Dr. Anthony R. Galante is your effective chiropractor for workman’s comp. He’ll get to the root cause of your work injury and develop a customized treatment plan to heal pain and prevent long-term disability.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy workman’s comp chiropractor near Algonquin, IL, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Workman's Comp Chiropractor Identifies the Root Cause of Your Work Injury

Did you know workplace injuries are one of the leading causes of chronic lower back pain in the U.S.? Or that 2.7 out of 100 workers will be injured every single year? With a working population of around 167.28 million, that’s about 4.5 million work injuries! Unfortunately, many of those injured turn into chronic pain patients or end up on disability because they don’t seek help right away.

We’re proud to be the best help you could seek following a work injury. We don’t just want to mask your pain. We want to identify the actual injury so we can heal your pain permanently. That’s why our diagnostic process is incredibly thorough and includes a consultation, examination, getting your medical history and records and taking imaging when necessary.

A man with a hardhat holds his shoulder in pain

One thing our practice does that most traditional medical doctors don’t is take stress X-rays. These special X-rays help our workman’s comp chiropractor, Dr. Galante, to look for non-disc spinal ligament injuries. It’ll also allow him to determine how severely the spine has been injured and exactly where the most damage is.

Does Worker’s Comp Cover Chiropractic Care?

Yes, if the chiropractic clinic you choose affects worker’s comp! At Algonquin Chiropractic Center, we accept worker’s compensation. So, if you’re worried about the costs of chiropractic care to heal your work injury, don’t! You may not have to pay a penny out of pocket.

But to ensure all your care is covered (and if not, how much), speak with our office during your initial consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss your coverage!

Treatment By a Reputable Workman’s Comp Chiropractor

There are countless benefits to going to a workman’s comp chiropractor. Most importantly, you’ll get your injuries properly diagnosed, thus giving you the greatest chance of fully recovering. Here’s what you can expect when you visit our office:

1. Initial Consultation

Dr. Galante will start by speaking with you about how and when you experienced your work injury. He’ll ask questions about previous issues, pain, and any other problems your injury may be causing you. If this is a recurring issue, he’ll also look at your medical records to get the complete picture of what you’re experiencing.

2. Thorough Exam

We’ll perform a thorough examination to look for signs of disc or ligament injuries. Several non-invasive tests will be performed, including evaluations of your range of motion, sensations, muscle strength and range of motion. If the initial exam warrants, you may need to get X-rays or advanced imaging like MRIs.

3. Customized Plan

Once Dr. Galante has pinpointed the root issue of your work injury, he’ll come up with a customized plan to directly address the problem. The plan will likely include a combination of gentle, holistic treatment techniques. Examples include spinal manipulation, the Cox Technic, physical therapy, spinal bracing and more.

4. Ongoing Support

We’ll carefully detail how your work injury affects all aspects of your daily life and track it on an ongoing basis. This is called “Duties Under Duress” and will give us crucial information about your ability to function normally. We’ll adjust your customized treatment plan as necessary to continue your healing journey.

Versatile Work Injury Chiropractor Treatment Options

Dr. Galante specializes in many treatment modalities to help your body naturally heal after a work injury. Every technique used is conservative and doesn’t require the use of potentially addictive medications or risky surgeries.

Examples of treatment modalities used by our workman’s comp chiropractor in customized treatment plans include:

A chiropractor works on a man’s back after a work injury

Each method is designed to give your body the greatest chance of complete healing over time. Most importantly, they’ll help ease your pain and keep it from returning.

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If you’ve suffered from a work injury, you can’t afford to wait. The faster you begin treatment, the more likely you are to avoid chronic pain and fully recover. We’re ready to help! Please call our office today for a consultation to learn more about how we can help you recover.