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Is “Fat-Free” Better?

Is “Fat-Free” Better – Advice from a Lake in the Hills chiropractor

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported in 2010 that the average person in their study consumed 21.4 teaspoons of added sugar per day! In that study, they found that people with the highest sugar consumption had the lowest HDL (good cholesterol) and highest triglycerides.
Sugar has been implicated in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, peripheral artery disease, stroke and many chronic degenerative conditions, including arthritis.

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We are sharing this information with you to keep you informed, improve your health and well-being and help you understand critical health care information and how it impacts your health and your wallet. So what are the implications?

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One can of pop has 39 grams of sugar!

And look at this:

6 oz Commercial yogurt – 12 grams.

One cup tomato sauce – 22-24 grams.

“Fat -Free” Salad Dressing:

1/2 cup French – 21grams

1/2 cup Italian – 10 gram

1/2 cup Thousand Island – 22 grams

Muffins – 16-32 grams

And that “healthy fruit smoothy” – 38 to over 100 grams! (depending on size).

Sugar is everywhere, here are some tips:

1. Make your own salad dressing, it takes 2 minutes.

1-2 tablespoons olive oil, 1/2-1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar, pepper and if desired add garlic.

2. Watch what you drink. Some fruit juices have more sugar than pop! Energy drinks are loaded with sugar. Filtered water and herbal teas are good alternatives. Stevia, xylitol or unpasteurized honey can be used as a natural sweetener.

3. Remember – bread, bagels, pasta, muffins, etc….get broken down into sugar.

4. Portion your plate – make your protein serving larger than your carbohydrate serving. For example, if you are having a 6oz chicken breast, have less than 6oz of mashed potatoes.

5. “Light,” “diet,” and “sugar free” products are loaded with artificial sweeteners, which come with their own set of problems…avoid them

6. Read labels – avoid foods where sugar is one of the top ingredients.

Decreasing your sugar load is difficult to do in our society, even harder when we shop at traditional grocery stores and is also one of the best dietary changes you can make to improve the quality of your health and decrease your risk for chronic disease.

Remember health is a journey and not a destination. What you do in the practice of health care will go miles and pay dividends over time.

If you still feel that you are struggling in creating a healthy living plan, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Galante, a Lake in the Hills chiropractor, has powerful programs that will teach you the specific steps that will help you to become and stay healthier.

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