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A Glance at Algonquin, Illinois 60102

A Glance at Algonquin by Algonquin Chiropractic CenterThe village grew from 23,276 people in 2000 to 30,046 people in 2010. The village has a total area of 12.41 square miles, of which 12.23 square miles (or 98.55%) is land and 0.18 square miles (or 1.45%) is water. The Potawatomi Native Americans originally inhabited the land. By 1834 the first settler of Algonquin, Samuel Gillilan, came to the area from Virginia. Founders’ Days, the village’s cornerstone festival and tradition, it includes a carnival, parade, fireworks display, bags tournament, Founders Run, and Taste of Algonquin. This local town has expanded into a hub of the area without losing its small town charm. For all of you Chiropractic Care in Algonquin, call Dr. Anthony Galante at 847-854-2000!

By Anthony Galante

Algonquin Chiropractic Center – We are Here to Help

We Are Here To Help at Algonquin Chiropractic CenterThere are a couple things that set us apart at Algonquin Chiropractic Center.  We develop individualized treatment plans depending on the specific needs of the patient.

One technique we use is the Cox Technique.  This technique has been around for over 40 years.  It was developed by Dr. James Cox from Fort Wayne, IN.  Dr. Cox has published dozens of professional papers, has over seen several federally funded clinical studies in conjunction with Loyola Stritch School of Medicine and is one of only two chiropractors to ever lecture at Harvard Medical School. I was personally taught by Dr. Cox, have consulted Dr. Cox on difficult cases and Dr. Cox has referred patients to OUR office in the past.

The Cox Technique allows me to work on the severe low back cases, the disc extrusions, the severe sciatica and the stenosis cases.  Before the Cox Technique, most of these cases would have to go to surgery.  Listen to what Margaret had to say on her Google review regarding her experience with the Cox Technique:

Margaret Herweg- “I cannot say enough about Dr. Galante. I had severe back and leg pain. I had so much pain I could barely walk. I saw several surgeons who recommended immediate surgery.  I was so frightened! Dr. Galante convinced me that his expertise and experience could help keep me from that surgery. I went with his program and treatments and am so happy to say that it has been 7 years and I am doing great and best of all, no surgery!. I truly feel he saved my life. Thank you Dr. Galante.”

The Cox Technique is a painless technique used in order to decompress the discs and nerves of the spine.  This is very different from the “decompression” techniques used in other offices.  This is a “hands-on” technique.  My hands are continuously on the patient’s spine detecting just the right amount of tension to be applied to the correct area of the spine.  There are no injections, no incisions, no recovery time and patients can continue to work during the treatment program.

The Cox Technique has been very successful in treating patients with lower back pain, leg pain and neck and arm pain in a non-invasive method.  It can be used as a holistic approach to well-being and pain relief.  The technique works very well for severe low back pain and works GREAT for every day, mild to moderate low back and neck pain.

In addition to the Cox Technique we may utilize manipulation, distraction, soft tissue techniques, massage, modalities, kineseotaping, rehab, diet and nutrition.  The combination of techniques works well for most people, and has little to no risks or side effects. For the small percentage of patients who do not respond to our treatments, we work with neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, pain management doctors and physical therapists if those services are needed.

Dr. Anthony Galante is an Algonquin Chiropractor who works individually with each new patient to understand their individual goals and needs.  The objective of the Algonquin Chiropractic Center has been to help patients achieve whole body health, return patients to long-term health and return patients to their normal activities as fast as possible.

By Anthony Galante

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