• Testimonials from Chiropractic Patients in Algonquin

  • “I cannot say enough about Dr. Galante. I had severe back and leg pain. I had so much pain I could barely walk. I saw several surgeons who recommended immediate surgery.I was so frightened! Dr. Galante convinced me that his expertise and experience could help keep me from that surgery. I went with his program and treatments and am so happy to say that it has been 7 years and I am doing great and best of all, no surgery! I truly feel he saved my life. Thank you Dr. "


  • “Dr. Galante and Kevin T have been extremely helpful in making my back and old shoulder injury feel like a kid again. They have helped my wife and daughter with back issues as well. Thanks guys!"

    Kirk J

  • “I have been a regular patient for 5+ years, and have always had great service, friendly and sympathetic staff, and good results from the treatments. The facility is very clean and well kept, and is meeting all my needs. They offer alternative treatments to surgery, and have a wide variety of supplements to help in general health as well as for pain support. I have recommended this office to many of my friends and co-workers, many of whom have visited and found relief for their physical problems. I would highly recommend visiting if you have a physical issue that needs to be attended to.”

    Keith S

  • “Very professional environment and yet friendly. I have been so pleased with the progress I am making with problems I have had for years.”

    Karen J

  • “I started going to Algonquin Chiropractic in the summer of 2011 because I was having horrible back pain that shot down my leg. For weeks I couldn’t bend over, lay down or sit comfortably. Dr. Galante was very kind and within a couple of visits I got more mobility back. The treatment was non-intrusive, which was very important to me for almost every doctor out there will suggest surgery instead of trying alternate therapy. I will recommend Dr. Galante to anyone in pain to give him a try. The staff is friendly and very helpful and are patient when I ask my hundreds of questions.”

    Sunny D

  • "I just have to say that I am so incredibly impressed with the way you run your practice. Impressed by this note, impressed by the way I was treated by Kim when I called this morning, impressed by your thorough examination and overall the genuineness that I have felt with both of you at my first visit. And yours is the first doctor's office ever that gave me a gift bag before leaving your office :))). I thought that was just the nicest gesture. Thank you so very much. Appreciate your kindness and will be happy to refer my friends and family if they ever need it. Look forward to my visit tomorrow and being pain free hopefully soon ;) Thank you and have a great evening."