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Exercise: Protecting Your Body from Start to Finish

It’s difficult to ignore the health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity. The energy you derive from maintaining any sort of exercise plan is obvious and Excercise Muscles Lifting Weights by Algonquin Chiropractic Centerwonderful enough to keep many people motivated. But exercise offers far more benefits than just an extra pep in your step. Exercise has the power to help you maintain a healthy weight, improve your mood, promote more restful sleep and even combat health conditions and diseases. The benefits of exercise deserve another blog in itself, but today we’re here to talk about exercising –and recovering- the RIGHT way.

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As important and beneficial as exercise is, it’s not going to be effective, or healthy for that matter, if you aren’t treating your body with respect and care in the process. There are a number of things to factor in before, during, and after your exercise to not only achieve optimal results, but keep your body safe and healthy throughout.

The best way to protect your body is to do so from the start, building a strong foundation for a great exercise and easier recovery.

Warming up is vital to preparing for a work out, sending the necessary blood flow and nutrients where they are needed to avoid pulling or tearing tight muscles. Ten minutes of gentle cardio such as jogging, jumping jacks, or cycling is adequate time to get your circulation where it needs to be.

Stretching your muscles once you have warmed them up will greatly affect your body during and after your work out. Keeping your muscles stretched will allow for more integrity in your exercise performance as well as protect you and minimize your risk for injury. As far as results are concerned, keeping your muscles stretched and loose will allow you to best utilize the strength you’ve built and give you a longer, leaner appearance.

Hydration should really go without saying. Drinking adequate amounts of water before and during your workout is absolutely vital to maintaining your stamina as well as allowing your body to reap the benefits of your work and recover seamlessly.

Eating Right goes right along with hydration as it should go without saying. But in reality it is an area that so many seem to over look or excuse BECAUSE they are making up for it by staying active. Without the proper nutrients, your body will not have the fuel it needs to maintain itself during a work out which can lead to injury. Post workout it is also vital to restore your body with the necessary protein it needs to repair any muscle fiber damage from your workout.

Recovery time is just as important as all aspects of exercise itself. When you are feeling extremely sore or exhausted it is vital to give your body the rest it needs Man Relaxation Recovery by Algonquin Chiropractic Centerto best perform in a healthy manner rather than diving back in and increasing your risk of injury. When you exercise, your muscle fibers break down, which is a good thing as long as you give them adequate time to rebuild before putting them to work again.

If you still feel that you are struggling in creating a healthy living plan, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Galante has powerful programs, such as sports medicine in Algonquin, that will teach you the specific steps that will help you to become and stay healthier.

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