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Eat Chocolate, Live Better!

We have always heard to lay off the sweets, but who knew chocolate could have so many health benefits in moderation! Check out our infographic to learn more!

Eat Chocolate, Live Better

You heard us right, Dark chocolate is actually beneficial for your over all health. Keep in mind we are talking about pure cacao, not that processed stuff you will find at the checkout like of most grocery stores. Here are some benefits of regularly indulging on this delicious treat:

1. Reduces Risk of Heart Failure, Stroke, Diabetes and Cancer!
2. Improves Brain Power
3. Reduces Stress
4. Protects Skin From UV Rays
5. Suppresses Coughs

There are a couple known properties found in cacao that are very beneficial to our bodies like:

1. Flavonoids—Flavonoids control insulin sensitivity and cut risk for diabetes in half! Flavonoids also improve blood-flow to the brain and increase alertness and performance. Chocolate contains 5 times the amount of flavonoids of an apple!
2. Theobromine— Theobromine, which is responsible for the “feel-good” effect of chocolate, actually suppresses the Vagus Nerve, which is responsible for coughing fits.
3. Pentamer— Pentameric procyanidin, or pentamer, disturbs caner cells’ ability to spread.

One or two servings per week can reduce risk of heart attack or stroke by one third! Dark chocolate’s thick bitter-sweetness is satisfying as well as filling in small amounts, and helps suppresses cravings for other fattening foods and helps keep weight in control. Cacao also significantly reduces stress and protects skin against UV rays.

Even though we know dark chocolate has impressive benefits, this doesn’t mean you can skip meals. Also remember when we say dark chocolate, we are talking about chocolate containing at least 70% cacao. Anything below that is probably loaded with sugar and other additives.