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Chiropractic for Pregnancy – Decrease Risk of ADHD

Chiropractic for pregnancy can be very helpful for a natural way to relieve aches and pains. Studies have shown acetaminophen use increases risk of ADHD!

Can Chiropractic for Pregnancy Decrease Child’s Risk of ADHD?

Researchers at UCLA examined 64,000 women and children and discovered women who took ACETAMINOPHEN (commonly sold as Tylenol) increased the risk of having a child with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder by 40%! How can chiropractic for pregnancy help?

The longer the women took the pain reliever, the higher the risk.

Pregnant mothers-to-be need to be especially cautious of their diet and medication.

In this study, researchers determined that acetaminophen may act as an “endocrine disrupter” meaning it effects estrogen activity in the body which may effect the development of the fetus’s brain.

We should all be cautious about the foods, chemicals and drugs we put in our bodies, especially pregnant women.  Many health experts are recommending non-pharmacological ways to deal with back pain, neck pain and headaches during pregnancy and after.

What are those ways?

  1.  Chiropractic for pregnancy has been shown in numerous studies to quickly and safely decrease pain and decrease dependence on medication, we have numerous special techniques that are used specifically for pregnant women.
  1.  Massage can be helpful to decrease pain and increase flexibility, massage in conjunction with Chiropractic care can speed recovery and provide lasting relief.
  1.  Anti-inflammatory diet and nutrition – implementing these lifestyle changes can lower “silent inflammation” and decrease your risk of chronic disease processes.
  1. Topical analgesics such as Biofreeze, stimulate specific nerve fibers in the skin to “block” pain signals from going to the brain.  Biofreeze works very well but please, do not use it if you are pregnant.
  1.  Exercise such as walking, yoga, tai chi, biking and swimming relieve stress, improve mood and control pain.

Above are a few tips to control your pain and keep you off drugs that may be dangerous to you and your unborn child, implement some or all and see how the quality of your life improves!

Remember health is a journey and not a destination. What you do in the practice of health care will go miles and pay dividends over time.
If you still feel that you are struggling in creating a healthy living plan or are interested in chiropractic for pregnancy in Algonquin, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Galante has powerful programs that will teach you the specific steps that will help you to become and stay healthier.