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Avoid Injuries While “Decking the Halls”

Avoid Holiday Injuries – Tips from an Algonquin Chiropractor

It is that time of year again. Everyone is full of holiday cheer and getting out their lights to decorate their homes. According to statistics over 86% of Americans annually decorate their home and 50% of them hang lights outside their home. Climbing ladders to decorate the highest ledge can get very dangerous and it is important to take precaution.

It has been stated that in the most frequently reported holiday season’s emergency calls; 34% were from falls, 11% came in with lacerations and 10% were due to back strains. If you’re already having back pain visit an Algonquin chiropractor before you attempt any strenuous decorating. Don’t be one of the roughly 50,000 Americans that are estimated to take a trip to the emergency room this winter.Avoid Holiday Injuries by Algonquin Chiropractic Center

Here are 5 precautions you can take to lower the risk of injury while decking the halls this season:

1. Stretch before and after any strenuous activity to avoid pulling or straining muscles especially if you will be spending time in the cold weather.

2. Wear thick gloves to keep warm and avoid any contact you may have with sharp objects.

3. Use a harness to avoid falls when decorating out-doors as extra protection for those really high areas. Do not rely only on ladders.

4. Keep the concrete salted to avoid slipping when stepping down. Not all hard falls are from high up.

5. Use step stools when decorating in-doors. Do not skip a step and use the furniture.

As you can see all of these accidents can be avoided but they are called “accidents” for a reason. Remember to keep calm and move at a slow pace. If at any time you notice back pain call an Algonquin chiropractor and set up an appointment to get it checked out.

To view a full size, high-quality image of infographic, visit https://www.pinterest.com/pin/530721137317842913/https://www.pinterest.com/pin/530721137317842913/

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Eat Chocolate, Live Better!

Benefits of Chocolate by Algonquin Chiropractic Center 1

By: Anthony Galante

Eat Chocolate, Live Better

You heard us right, Dark chocolate is actually beneficial for your over all health. Keep in mind we are talking about pure cacao, not that processed stuff you will find at the checkout like of most grocery stores. Here are some benefits of regularly indulging on this delicious treat:
1. Reduces Risk of Heart Failure, Stroke, Diabetes and Cancer!
2. Improves Brain Power
3. Reduces Stress
4. Protects Skin From UV Rays
5. Suppresses Coughs

There are a couple known properties found in cacao that are very beneficial to our bodies like:
1. Flavonoids—Flavonoids control insulin sensitivity and cut risk for diabetes in half! Flavonoids also improve blood-flow to the brain and increase alertness and performance. Chocolate contains 5 times the amount of flavonoids of an apple!
2. Theobromine— Theobromine, which is responsible for the “feel-good” effect of chocolate, actually suppresses the Vagus Nerve, which is responsible for coughing fits.
3. Pentamer— Pentameric procyanidin, or pentamer, disturbs caner cells’ ability to spread.

One or two servings per week can reduce risk of heart attack or stroke by one third! Dark chocolate’s thick bitter-sweetness is satisfying as well as filling in small amounts, and helps suppresses cravings for other fattening foods and helps keep weight in control. Cacao also significantly reduces stress and protects skin against UV rays.

Even though we know dark chocolate has impressive benefits, this doesn’t mean you can skip meals. Also remember when we say dark chocolate, we are talking about chocolate containing at least 70% cacao. Anything below that is probably loaded with sugar and other additives.

If you still feel that you are struggling in creating a healthy living plan, or would like to learn more about nutrition in Algonquin, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Galante has powerful programs that will teach you the specific steps that will help you to become and stay healthier.

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Tips to Make Yard Work Pain Free

Yard Work by Algonquin Chiropractic CenterBy: Anthony Galante

Dr. Galante, an Algonquin, IL chiropractor, is Committed to Helping You!

We are sharing this information with you to keep you informed, improve your health and well-being and help you understand critical health care information and how it impacts your health and your wallet. So what are the implications?

Having a beautiful yard comes with lots of hard labor. While there are plenty of helpful tools to use which will make you quite the lawn care expert, they will eventually be sending you to the doctor’s office. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), using this equipment can lead to neck and back pain, and in more serious cases, muscular strains and tears!

There is no need to worry! There are many things that you can do to be safe while taking care of your lawn.

Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful lawn and remain pain free!
1. Use a Strap
Always use a strap regardless of what type of equipment you are using. Wearing a strap across your body and over the shoulder on the opposite side from the equipment your using will help normalize your center of gravity.
2. Alternate Sides on Which You are Operating Machinery
In order to keep balance in the muscles you are using, be sure to switch sides in which you are operating the machinery as often as possible. Also try to change up your position and motion you operate with.
3. Take Frequent Breaks
It is important to take breaks to alleviate too much stress on your body. Take deep breaths and relax before you get back to work.
4. Bend at the Knees, Not at the Waist
Whenever you pick up or put down your equipment, be sure to bend at the knees. This will work your leg muscles rather than straining your back muscles.
5. Use Electric Powered Equipment Instead of Gas Powered
Electric powered appliances tend to be lighter than gas-powered appliances. Which will be easier on your back and neck.
6. Stretch Before and After
It is very important that you use the “warm-up and cool-down” method before and after working in order to avoid injury. Make sure that you breathe in and out slowly during each stretch until your muscles have stretched to their furthest point. Hold your breath in while stretching and then exhale when you release. This should be relaxing. Do not jerk or push yourself to the point of pain.

Recommended Stretches:
• Stand with one leg propped up on a step and push forward until you feel a pull in your hamstring (back of thigh). Hold for 20 seconds then relax and repeat. Then switch to other leg.
• Grab ankle with corresponding hand from behind. Hold for 20 seconds then relax. Switch sides and repeat.
• Raise arms above head and weave fingers together with palm face up. Lean to one side and hold for 10 seconds. Then switch sides. Repeat 2 or 3 times.
• Wrap your arms around yourself and release your breath. Rotate to one side and hold for 10 seconds. Switch sides and repeat 2 or 3 times.

Remember health is a journey and not a destination. What you do in the practice of health care will go miles and pay dividends over time.

If you still feel that you are struggling in creating a healthy living plan, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Galante, an Algonquin, IL chiropractor has powerful programs that will teach you the specific steps that will help you to become and stay healthier.

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Our Mission – To educate and inform patients so you can make educated decisions to improve your health.

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Holiday Survival in Algonquin Illinois

By Anthony Galante

The holidays seem to come earlier and earlier every year — and along with them, the stresses and strains of frenzied holiday shopping. Take a stroll through your local mall, and you’ll already see symbols of the approaching holiday season. As your muscles tense with each passing day, ask yourself, “Are you ready for the holiday shopping challenge?”
Since the added demands of this season can stress the capacity of our bodies, we need to do everything we can to help ourselves. Eat right, drink plenty of water, stretch, exercise and take a few minutes to slow down and reflect on what the season is all about.

Holiday Shopping Tips

Consider the following tips to help keep you and your loved ones healthy, happy and safe this season.
• Stay hydrated! Drink eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water a day.
• Be sure to stretch before and after a long day of shopping.
• Wear shoes with plenty of cushioning in the soles.
• Leave your purse at home.
• If you start to feel some pain, nip it in the bud. Apply an ice bag to the affected area for 20 minutes, then take it off for a couple of hours. Repeat a couple of times each day over the next day or two.

Holiday Survival Guide by Algonquin Chiropractic Center


Headaches and Chiropractic in Algonquin Illinois

headaches-and-chiropractic-algonquin-chiropracticBy Anthony Galante

If you have a headache, you’re not alone. Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches. Research shows that spinal manipulation – the primary form of care provided by doctors of chiropractic – may be an effective treatment option for tension headaches and headaches that originate in the neck.

Headache Triggers

Foods, environmental stimuli (noises, lights, stress, etc.) and/or behaviors (insomnia, excessive exercise, blood sugar changes, etc.). About 5 percent of all headaches are warning signals caused by physical problems.

 What You Can Do

  • Stretch every 30 minutes to one hour. The stretches should take your head and neck through a comfortable range of motion.
  • Low-impact exercise such as walking and low-impact aerobics.
  • Avoid teeth clenching.
  • Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.

What Can a Doctor of Chiropractic Do?

  • Perform spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments to improve spinal function and alleviate the stress on your system.
  • Provide nutritional advice, recommending a change in diet and perhaps the addition of B complex vitamins.
  • Offer advice on posture, ergonomics (work postures), exercises and relaxation techniques. This advice should help to relieve the recurring joint irritation and tension in the muscles of the neck and upper back.

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